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5 Tips for Ecommerce Data Privacy

By Isny Dewi R

12 March 2019

Ways to avoid phishing.

In an all-online era like now, almost everyone must have shop online on e-commerce sites or applications. To be able to shop through e-commerce sites, you usually should have an account first. And to create an account, you will be asked to fill in your personal data.

Of course, you need to be vigilant, because if you don't, you can be the target of cybercrime. Last January, for example, two users, one of the leading e-commerce in Indonesia, reported losing their money in the application. The perpetrator's modus was sending a dangerous link (malware) to the victim's message box in the application.

This crime is usually called phishing. The perpetrator tries to get victim's personal information by pretending to be the e-commerce part. Last year, phishing attempts increased to 65%. In addition, from Magneto IT Solution data, e-commerce is often being the target. Even so, there are several ways to avoid phishing.

1. Don't just download data from unknown senders. If you get an irrelevant email or foreign message containing attached data, avoid downloading it directly, because usually the attachment contains a virus.

2. First check the legitimacy of the sender, because usually phishing emails look almost the same as emails in general.

3. Check the method of writing. Phishing emails use an urgent form of fraud. The writing technique for phishing emails often contains many mistyped.

4. Just like point number one, avoid opening the link sent directly from a suspicious party. Usually link on phishing emails are not recognized / invalid.

5. And no less important, always keep your personal information private, by not sharing sensitive information such as passwords, financial data such as credit card security codes, and other sensitive data.

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