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5 Tips for Introverts Promoting Themselves

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17, January 2019

People with introvert personalities prefer to be quiet and talk less. The opposite of those who are extrovert. Every time you want to talk, you feel scared or ashamed in case the thing you said is wrong. They even have to fight harder than extroverts while have to do a job interview so they don't feel afraid.

Even so, it does not mean the struggle for introvert careers will be hampered. You only need to know how to promote yourself slow but sure, so that the work negotiations are successful and you can work at the company you want. Here are tips for introverts to promote themselves quoted from

1. Don't be Inferior
Never underestimate the ability of introverts! There are surprises that they accidentally give, especially when invited to think and analyze. The words that come out of their mouth don't come out just like that, but through concrete considerations and examples. Introverts are used to researching problems in detail, ranging from the smallest to the biggest. After that, they draw the conclusion. People with abilities like this are very much needed. Therefore, introverts must be proud of this ability, and do not need to be inferior!

2. Accept Yourself
Evading from the fact that you are an introvert is not good. Acknowledge who you are and be honest with yourself. Apart from making you feel comfortable and focused, other people will feel the same. That way, you can reduce nervousness or other fears that often come. Not all companies only want employees with extrovert personalities. But not a few companies that really need introverts who are suitable to hold a certain position.

3. Learn to Socialize
Some introverts are more comfortable spending time with themselves. However, this trait must be reduced slowly when start to work. However, you will establish relationships and work with many people for your career development and company progress. Take time to socialize with coworkers to be more familiar with them and knowing what they are. For introverts, this is hard to do, but over time you will begin to get used to get interacts with other people.

4. Practice Makes Perfect
For communication to run smoothly, try to speaking in front of a mirror. By practicing, you know what is lacking when you talk to other people. In addition to speaking practices, you need to speak using expressions, eye contact and proper body language so when you talk it will not look stiff and other people feel comfortable when talking with you.

5. Find the Right Mentor
With a mentor, you will be helped to improve the quality and qualifications of yourself when you start working. The mentor will also teach you how to answer good questions and increase self-confidence in front of other people. Choose a mentor who is patient with all your personalities, so that the learning process can run effectively without feeling depressed. Good luck!

Isny Dewi R.
Isny Dewi R.