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5 Tips for Using Hotel Swimming Pool

By Isny Dewi R

10 July 2019

Tips when using a hotel swimming pool.

The hotel swimming pool is a free facility for hotel guests. However, because of that too, the hotel pool is also a public facility that is also used by other guests. It is important to know some ethics when using a hotel swimming pool:

1. Not Marking a Relaxing Chair
If you are not sitting in a lounge chair, do not mark the chair by placing your luggage. Because there are other guests who also want to sit there. If you carry items, you can leave them at the lockers available, or rent a cabana to relax.

2. Watch the Kids
Even though there are other guests who are also using hotel pool, don't rely on them to take care of your kids while swimming. For parents, it is better to take your kids to swim in the morning or evening. These times usually the hotel pool is still quiet, so children can play as much as they want. If you want a safer one, choose a hotel that also provides a pool kid.

3. Not Carelessly Use a Towel
5-star hotels usually provide special towels for swimming pools that can only be used for swimming, not to be taken to your room. Instead, room towels should not be taken for swimming. However, that might not apply in a budget hotel. If you want to bring a towel from your room, don't forget to bring it back to your room. If towels are provided at the pool, use them wisely, one towel for one person.

4. Don't Eat at the Pool
Usually for 5-star hotel have a restaurant, cafe or pool bar. If you really want to eat, eat where you should. Never eat when you are in the pool, because it is likely to make the pool dirty.

5. Don't Run at the Pool Area
The wet pool area certainly makes it slippery and very dangerous if you run there. This is certainly dangerous to yourself and other guests. Walk slowly, so you will not slip because the floor is slippery.

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