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5 Tips Investing in Gold for Beginner

5 Tips Investing in Gold for Beginner


Nowadays, urban people choose to invest gold as profitable instrument for the future. Price continuously rise afterward gives benefit for the owner, even more the gap between purchase and sell price high enough. Any investment, including gold some time not as easy as you think. Here are some tips for beginner to invest in gold.

1. Choose a fine gold

The price of fine gold always follows world market price, for those who want to try investing their money in gold should buy a fine fold. A fine gold rarely use as jewellery. Buy a certified fine gold from PT. Antam Tbk. Certified fine gold has description, its fineness, weight, dimension and ID number. Make sure the certificate ID number same with pressed on the gold. 

2. Buy on the recommendation places

Some of certified gold shop are PT. Antam Tbk, pawnshops and bank. Purchasing price is way more stable, while you will need to pay something, you can sell and get paid cash on the spot. PT. Antam Tbk has a gold boutique shop at Jl. Simatupang, South Jakarta. About the price, this boutique (shop) offers to rebuy your fine gold 95% of world market price as well as pawnshops.

Most pawnshops in Jakarta offers you two different ways to invest in gold, cash or credit. You can buy cash gold in Galeri 24, while purchase credit gold can be done in branches region. You can also buy online gold in pegadaian.co.id. Their fine gold came from PT. Antam Tbk, they will rebuy your gold 97%, little bit higher than PT. Antam TBk itself.

3. Buy at the lowest price

Classic way you can apply while invest a gold. Preserve wealth for the future, you should buy fine gold at the lowest possible prices and sell while the price is getting high. This technique is long-term investment, five to ten years afterwards. This one is quite effective to pay the tuition fee, hajj (Muslim pilgrimage to Mecca) or even buying a new house. 

4. Say no to false appealing benefits

The benefit of investing in gold is only one, higher price when you sell. If there is suspicious agent offers you false, appealing benefits, do not take it. The price is not always rising, unlikely decrease, some time. Commonly, the decreasing price of fine gold followed by another daily needed, so the purchasing of gold remains.

5. Tax implications of gold 0,45%

Through the Ministry of Finance of Republic of Indonesia, a gold bar charged tax implication worth 0,45% from selling price. In other words, the price 0,45% higher because charged with tax implication. Tax charges when transaction, or just charged once when you but it. While you sell, the tax will be charged to buyer.