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5 Tips on Taking Good Selfies

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21, July 2017

Are you interested in some tips on taking good selfies? The only thing is, taking a decent selfie is hard since you are the person in front of and "behind" the camera! If you would like to learn to take better pictures of yourself while looking totally fabulous, take note of these helpful tips on taking good selfies that you will be happy to show off!

1. Check Yourself Out
Giving yourself a once-over before you take the pic! Have you ever snapped a photo assuming your hair and makeup were on point only to find out that you have flyaways and smeared eyeliner? Of course you can always delete the pic and take another, but you might as well check yourself out first so you have lots of good selfies to pick from!

2. Keep It Candid
While posed pictures can be beautiful, there’s nothing like a candid shot. Some subjects do better when they aren’t posed, so you’re able to capture a whole new side of them. Plus, of course, you can capture some of the best, most spontaneous moments, and those make fabulous photos!

3. Background Check
Another important element in taking pictures is to pick a good, clear background. We’ve all seen those photo fails where someone has taken a selfie in a dirty bedroom with piles of clothes or in the bathroom while someone’s taking care of business. Always check your surroundings so you have a clear background that lends itself well to an impromptu photo sesh. Look for solid colored walls, textured curtains or any place without clutter.

4. Using Timer
The beauty of camera self-timer is that they allow you to snap eye-catching photos with optimum ease. Simply set a countdown, give an excellent pose and then let the camera do the smart job for you! They are a must-have for selfie lovers. 

5. Lighten Up
When you are taking a selfie, or any photo for that matter, you have to have good lighting! You can’t show off your makeup, hair or new outfit in bad lighting because it’s distracting and unflattering! Sure, you can strategically hide a blemish with a shadow, but don’t choose lighting that’s too harsh or too dark. Even if you plan it that way, your vision might not translate well to the photo!

Isny Dewi R.
Isny Dewi R.