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5 Tips to Avoid Financial Crisis

5 Tips to Avoid Financial Crisis


Finance makes an important part for our lives as it is the main thing to support our activities, from fulfilling our needs and wants. The risk of money crisis also keeps haunting, so you have to know the best way to manage your finance to avoid financial crisis. Check out these five tips below!

1. Manage Your Outcome
Outcome is so important to be managed. Make a list of what we should spend for each month. The more detail we make, the better. Make sure to get stick to that list and avoid another unimportant outcome.

2. Save Some Money!
Save some of your money, this will get you more benefit. Many people are so hard to save some money, but this savings will help you if you need the money someday for urgent needs, for example hospital needs.

3. Make a Liquidity Savings
This is one of the ways for you to make savings. Choose the profitable savings which you can still take the money whenever you need. But remember, you have to discipline yourself to make sure you only use the money for very important needs.

4. Note the Income and Outcome
Note the income and outcome in a book, or you can also write it in smartphone apps. You can download Expense Manager as a smartphone application you can use to take notes of your income and outcome. Make it as detail as you can, so you can control how much your income and outcome every time. At the end, you can control it overall and reduce the unimportant outcome.

5. Pay Debt on Time
Don’t underestimate your debt, because debt can be followed by interest which can bother you on the other day. Avoid having debt with any other party, but if it is so urgent, make sure you pay your debt on time so you can enjoy your life better.