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5 Tips to Choose Selebgram to Promote Your Business

5 Tips to Choose Selebgram to Promote Your Business



Term of selebgram sounds so friendly, nowadays. Selebgram itself comes from “celebrity” and “Instagram”. They are not actor, actress or commercial celebrities. Even common people can be selebgram.

Selebgram have a lot of followers in Instagram. Their Instagram feeds looks interesting, it attracts their followers. They get a lot of offering to promote products or services.

Here are some tips for every business owner before use selebgram’s service to promote the products.

1. Verified the authentication of their followers

Do not trust too much if you see any selebgram with hundreds, even thousands of followers. It might be fake followers. Make sure if their followers is real. How to prove it? Check the 20 first followers, most fake Instagram account followed by numbers, for the example @XYZ123.

If those accounts rarely post something, it can be fake account. Lastly, check comments in several posts. If there is generously likes but less comments, it probably fake followers’ work. 

2. Market share adjustment

There is a lot of selebgram, find the one who fits your market. For example, you are selling baby clothes, so you can choose selebgram who have children.

3. Followers = Fans/Haters?

Do not mistaken, not all of their followers are fans, some might be haters. If compliments less than criticism, you should not pick them as your ambassador.

4. Content quality

Content quality related to their ways to promote your products or services. How to set a good photo or video. You can also see another product they promote as well as yours. If you are interested to work with them, you can give some caption ideas to make your products or services more interesting. Real followers and price also can be considered as well. 

5. Fixed-budget

Prices will be vary in any selebgram. Some pricing Rp50.000,- for once post, there also a package price until some millions for several posts. Find your perfect selebgram? Negotiate the price based on your budget. You can ask several selebgram before endorse to compare the price. Maximize your budget and promotion with perfect selebgram