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5 Tips to Help New Grads Land Job Offers

5 Tips to Help New Grads Land Job Offers


Underemployed level in Indonesia getting increase. Many bachelors end up being underemployed. This might be because they have no plan after they were graduating. Many fresh graduates confused where to go, and what to do?

For those who are about to receive their diploma and are still waiting to receive a job offer, there is still hope. Here are a few things you can do right now to make yourself marketable to employers as a recent college graduate.

1. Part Time
If it’s available, a better option is to do a part time. A part time will provide you with a more structured approach to getting the experience you need, plus you have the possibility of getting paid. Check out your local job boards or employer websites to see if they offer a part time job.

On top of the experience you receive, another benefit of doing a part time job is the connections you make. Most likely, the people that you are working with will have a broader network and could potentially help you find employment elsewhere or put in a good reference for you.

Another huge benefit of doing a part time job is that if you perform well there is a good chance that the company you are working for will hire you.


2. Seeking Job at Job Fair
Keep in mind that job fair should be just one small part of your entire job search process. However, they can be a successful part. Career fair will improve your odds of not being screened out and should lead to a deeper level of satisfaction with your efforts and increase your chances of obtaining a second interview.

3. Maximize Your Hobby
Your hobby can be the key of your success if you maximize it. Besides focus on your essay, try to take your time to maximize your hobby. As example, if you love photography, you can follow photo contest or open photographer services. You can get some money from that, who knows it can be your door to open your own photography business.

4. Join Free Courses
Waiting is so boring. While you are waiting for graduation day, it is better to spend your time with doing positive things, like join free courses. Besides it can reduces your stress after finish your essay, it is also used for you when you start working for a company.

5. Join Organization or Community
Many ways to gaining friends, either from inside or outside your campus. This can also gaining benefits when the time for you to seeking job is come. Don't be shy to join organization or community fit with your interest and dengan minat Anda dan be a good friend of the members.