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5 Tips to Maintain Your Smartphone’s Battery

Spectr News Theme Nadia Latief
29, October 2015

Right now, digital era is really expanding where people tend to use their smartphones to do a lot of activities such as communicating, browsing, to looking for maps when driving. To support all of the activities, your smartphone needs a proper battery to be able to perform. These are 5 tips for you to maintain your smartphone battery!

1. Don’t Wait Until it’s Really Empty
Besides it will take much longer time to charge it, it can also bring bad effects for your battery. Like a human, don’t wait until the person’s energy is really empty before finally it is charged again. Because their power can be decreased quickly if the energy is overly used. This thing can also occur to your smartphone.

2. Wait Until It is Fully Charged
Charging your phone bit by bit to full is better than to wait until your phone sends the low batt notifications. Yup, it’s better to charge from 70% to 100% than to wait your phone battery to 30% but it’s not charged into 100%. This thing can also make your battery less-dropping quickly.

3. Don’t Charge It Overnight
Many people charge their phones before they sleep, and then unplug it on the next morning. This thing can harm your phone because it can cause your battery phone to be overheated and leaked. It’s better to use an additional electric socket with timer that will stop the charging process automatically if you really need to charge it from night.

4. Better Prevent the Using of Power Bank
Power bank is nearly owned by many people and always brought anywhere. But do you know that power bank charging is ‘unhealthy’ for your smartphone battery? Power bank itself is an additional battery that is able to charge other batteries, for this case, your smartphone battery. The power transferred from power bank is sometimes unstable, different with the direct charging power from electric sockets. So it’s better to use power bank only in urgent needs.

5. Don’t Place Battery in Hot Temperature
When you are in outdoor area, prevent placing your phone right facing the sunlight. Even in normal condition, a battery power will be decreased every year. If you place it on a higher temperature, the battery will drain quickly. Avoid also placing your smartphone on your car dashboard. Keep your phone nicely and avoid it from direct sunlight.

Nadia Latief
Nadia Latief