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5 Tips to Make Your Bedroom Look Like Korean Drama

5 Tips to Make Your Bedroom Look Like Korean Drama


Not surprisingly, the popularity of pop music, foods, fashion, makeup also Korean dramas engaging many K-Pop lovers around the world. You might be one of them, captivated by their faces and roles in Korean dramas. You might also find yourself amazed with their setting places, rooms, houses that look quite beautiful. Most of them look simple yet comfortable. For you plan to re-arranging room, here some simple tips to make it look like Korean dramas’ room.

1. Select the Right Neutral Paint Colours

Size is not the only one focus to make your room look bigger and comfortable. Room size is not boundary to create spacious, beautiful, appealing room like in Korean dramas. First thing first is select the right neutral paint colours for your room. The right paint colour make your small room look bigger and wider. In addition, paint colour has another important role to make you feel comfort while rest or just enjoying free time in the room.

If you give a little bit attention to every single room in Korean dramas, it used neutral, soft colours. White is not the only one colour gives you wider impression. You can mix the white one with ocean blue, light yellow, turquoise, beige, light grey or another soft colours. Mix those beautiful colours with perfect décor to give bigger, wider yet soft impression.

2. Decor Arranging

Make your weekend more productive with selecting unnecessary things in your room. Either make by yourself or buy vertical shelf, like wall or floating shelf to give impression a broad room. You can give hotel-inspired style with bed-side tables to create spacious room.

3. Playing with Composition

As your haven, good composition of bedroom playing important role to heal and rejuvenate the spirit. Make sure bed and decor you select fit to room size. Select decor that gives impression a broad and stunning room. Try to not stage more than five decor to give that impression. Or you can put different colour on the wall, wallpaper to switch the focus on room size.

4. Find Cot Alternatives

Everyone has different taste, some people love to select wooden cot, while other people love to sleep with bed on the floor. It simply doesn’t mean that bed on the floor not aesthetic. Use pattern carpet match your bed linen colour. You can also add bed-side bookshelves or tables to make it look more characterize.

5. Decorating Room Corners

Your focus is no longer the room size but the main characteristic. You can add some unique decorative elements in corners. Starts with painting, mirror, bed lamp or flexible floating wall shelf to maximize empty corner space.