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5 Tips to Save Money on Groceries

5 Tips to Save Money on Groceries


You may be agree if payday is one of the most awaited dates. You are probably not the one. After payday, you may be think to spend your hard work for a month, including monthly grocery. But, it can be your own boomerang if you are not very careful. Here are some tips to save some money on groceries.

1. Make a List

Make sure to bring your grocery list before heading to supermarket. Write down and double cross-check if items are completely running out or not. If you do this small things, your salary may be safe until the end of the month.

2. Set Up the Budget

Set up monthly budget after payday in some different wallets or envelopes. An ideal way to save some money on groceries is buy the priority items, items you need after payday. After that, you will probably think twice before purchasing unimportant items. Nowadays technology allow you to separate your salary in cashless (debit) form. You can easily check your account balance after purchasing something through your smartphone.

3. Always Check Price

You probably able to save some money by looking and comparing two or more similar items before purchasing. That small move is useful to save more money you can use later for another grocery. Pick the most suitable with your budget and needs. Besides that, pick the biggest one. At a glance, price is more pricey, but when you calculate volume items (products) with that price, there is profit margin. Another benefit by choosing bigger items is allow you not to buy same items for next grocery.

4. Use Discount

Maximize your discount mental to save some money on groceries. It is okay to check daily discounts or promos offered by big supermarket. But, before you are getting in a deep engage with those tempting discounts, make sure if you know the original prices of the stuff or items you buy. Most of them are already mark up. Besides that, whenever you see discounts or promos, do not lose control. The main key to save some money on groceries while there is a huge discount is spending your money only on priorities items, focus on items you need.

5. Shopping at Big Supermarket

This is the reason why you should shopping at big supermarket, because big supermarket offering a great amount items with affordable prices to spend stock. New stock that come early ‘force’ them to spend remain stock. Pay attention to its expired date, they usually offering remain stock in cheap price because it is close to the expired date.