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5 Tivial Things You Must be Avoided for Brighter Future

By Isny Dewi R

26 August 2019

There are some trivial things that you should avoid, so that your youth is more productive and can achieve success in the future.

Everyone want to be success and have a bright future. Being success is not easy, there are many processes that require your patience. The success that will be achieved in the future is also an investment that was planted since you were young. Therefore, it’s very important to always utilize youth as well as possible for a bright future.

However, it returns to the right of each individual to choose productive or want to be lazy. But, for those who want to succeed in the future, it's good to be productive in youth. There are some trivial things that you should avoid, as quoted from, so that your youth is more productive and can achieve success in the future.

1. Lazy in the Morning
You may often hear the phrase "if you wake up in the afternoon, fortune will be pecked chicken?" Although it sounds funny, but the phrase is actually correct. Morning is the right moment to start a productive day. Not infrequently, many ideas come up in the morning, because your physical condition is still fresh and your mind is still clear. By getting up early and being productive, it will open up opportunities to have more income. So, avoid lazing in the morning if you want to succeed!

2. Not focus
To achieve a success future, one of the main keys that you must have is focus. If you do all the work with focus, then the results will be maximal. In addition, if you focus, your work will finish quickly. Conversely, if you are not focused, then you will have difficulty completing work and eventually overwhelmed.

3. Open Social Media a Lot
In this sophisticated era, social media can’t be separated from human daily life. Starting from checking posts of celebrities that you like, to see your favorite items on well-know e-commerce site. All the fun and convenience often causes social media users forget their time to work.

Accessing social media too often will certainly disrupt your work time and reduce your focus. Therefore, you need to limit the time when accessing social media, you can open it during your break. If you want to open social media during your working hours to get rid of boredom, do it for 15 minutes.

4. Have No Goals and Don't Know What to Do
There are still many people who have the principle of living life like running water. However, do you know that the principle is actually not wise? You have to set a goal along with what steps to take, this will make it easier for you to achieve that goal.

A small example, you want to be a photographer as your side job. You really want to buy a professional camera for Rp 7 million. You can draw up a monthly savings plan of Rp. 1 million for example. Knowing what your goals are and what you want to do will make it easier for you to get what you want.

5. Have a Lunch Break Too Long
When working in an office, you have time for a lunch break. Working also often makes you tired and bored. With a break, you can restore energy and bring your mood back. However, this shouldn’t be used as an excuse for a long lunch break. This will have an impact on your work, which should be completed sooner instead makes you forced to work overtime. Not to mention if there is additional work, so more work needs to be done.


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