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5 Top Business Trends to Look Out For in 2018

5 Top Business Trends to Look Out For in 2018

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Like fashion trend which always changed in every year, as well as business and we can predict the trend. Quoted from Swara Tunaiku, Here are the top 5 business trends that are predicted to drive success for you in 2018.

1. Food Truck
Food truck with unique design surely can get many attention from people, especially if the truck located in the hustle and bustle. In 2018, food truck predicted to be more liked, because it considered more practical and you should not stay in one location. That's the reason why food truck will probably attract enterpreneur interest.

On pursue this business, you will be required to be inovated so your food truck business will not lose with other food truck. Food trends that can changed so fast, require you to be sharper in determine what kind of food you want to sell. Make your truck as unique as possible.

2. Affiliate Business
Affiliate business also getting attracted because its convenience. You just need to promote other people's product and get the commission via affiliate system.

As example, if a blogger has hundred thousand followers, he/she can put on affiliate banner on his/her blog article. You can get the commission every time visitors click the banner. As simple as that. But, this kind of business command you to be creative and careful.

3. Gold
Gold investation has minimum risk. Like Antam, this business can be a promising business because the price always stable, they even can up and up every year. Indeed, you can't get the profit of this business in a short time. You just have to wait for about 5 years, then you can get increased profit. Assume the gold is your savings and your asset.

4. Cleaning Service
Not too many people attracted to this business. Besides it is promising enough. Because there are so many companies and households who hard to find best and trusted cleaning service.

It happens because there are so many cleaning service in Indonesia who choose to work in other country and offers higher salary. Use this chance to take the profit with some innovation for the service.

5. Start-up
The more advanced digital world in Indonesia, the more people attracted to the development of start-up business. If you have talent in digital world, you can use it and build your own start-up company.

Be smart in find solutions for any trouble you get, and aware about the hottest trend. Even you can engage investor to fund your business. It is possible your company will exist and success if you have good business system. Good luck!