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5 Traveling Tips while Fasting

By Isny Dewi R

15 May 2019

Traves tips when you are fasting.

Fasting is not a reason to being lazy. Even though you are fasting, you can still do some activities including traveling. But how to keep fasting while on vacation? Check out the tips below!

1. Choose Cold Destinations
If you want to travel while fasting, pay attention to tourist destination you will choose. It's better to choose a cold tourist attraction such as easy-to-reach forest or waterfall. If you visit tourist attractions that tend to be hot, it will make your body feel thirsty and tired quickly.

2. Easy to Reach is a Must
In addition to choosing cold tourist destinations, also pay attention to the road access to the place. Choose a tourist spot that does not require heavy effort to reach it. Although the place has cold air, it will still be difficult if it needs long walk. Therefore, choose a tourist attraction that close to the parking area, so you don’t have to walk too far. You can also choose a place that provides transportation facilities to tourist site you go to.

3. Better to Go in the Morning or Afternoon
Another thing that you should also consider if you want to travel while fasting is your start time. In the morning after morning prayer, it is the best time to start your trip, because besides the air is still cold and the sun has not yet risen, in the morning you are still energetic and more excited. If you leave during the daylight and you travel using a motorbike, the weather is very hot and you will easily feel thirsty.

Afternoon is also the right time to start your trip because the weather is not too hot. If you start the afternoon trip, it is better to bring foods or drink to anticipate if you are still on the road when it's time to break the fast and not find any food or beverage sellers.

4. Driving Focus
One obstacle that is usually experienced by those who travel while fasting is drowsiness. If on a normal day drowsiness can be resolved by drinking coffee, of course you cannot do that while fasting. Therefore, it is important to maintain focus while driving. If you start to get sleepy, then it's better to take a break and not pushing yourself.

5. Don’t Leave Your Worships
Even though you are on your trip, but the five daily prayers should not be forgotten. When listening to the call to prayer, immediately stop by the nearest mosque or musala to prayer, including Tarawih prayer and tadarus. So your trip will be more comfortable and your worships still fulfilled.

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