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5 Tricks for Great Night Photography with Your Phone

5 Tricks for Great Night Photography with Your Phone


Night photography with your smartphone can be daunting, you will face low light, extreme contrast, and pesky camera noise. But luckily, you can creatively work around those limitations to capture beautiful, sometimes beautifully surreal photos of the night. Here are 5 tricks for night photography with your phone!

1. Use Tripod and Timer
The best way of preventing motion blur and getting a tack-sharp photo during a long exposure is to keep your camera stable. In this case, you will want to use a mobile tripod or a portable alternative like the Glif stand.

The self-timer is a good choice helping you take great pictures. You can set the time. Then, after hitting on the shutter, you can find the best angle to take photos and stay still till the time is up. By doing this, you can free your hand to better pose for the photo as well as avoid shaking when you reach your finger to the camera shutter.

2. Go Manual
If you really want to get the most of your images, learn to manually adjust settings such as the aforementioned shutter speed and ISO. Many Android phones have a manual mode option built-in.

3. Set the Shutter Speed, Aperture, and ISO (International Standards Organization)
Since the ISO value directly determines how noisy an image is and apertures are fixed on smartphones, leaving the shutter open longer is your only option for getting cleaner images at a given exposure.

The longer the shutter speed, however, the more movement will be blurred, so this technique is best for static subjects – unless you want motion blur for artistic effect.

Theoretically, a long enough shutter shutter speed could result in nighttime photos as noise-free as those taken during the day. In fact, extending the shutter period is exactly how optical image stabilization works, which brings us to the next point.

4. Switch on the Night Mode
Every smartphone have this feature. With night mode your photos can be better and bright. But, to use it, make sure the object you want to take is not shaking, so it would not blur your photos.

5. Choose Best Place
To get great night photography, one of the important things is choose the right place. Not all place can give you good viewpoint to taken photos at night.