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5 Tricks of Giving a Good First Impression in Business

5 Tricks of Giving a Good First Impression in Business


Giving a good first impression is important, especially in the professional world where you meet clients or partners. First impression can be formed even from the first few seconds. That’s why you must check these 5 tricks to get the best first impression in business!

1. Manage Your Energy
Before having a meeting with someone in business, think of what would this person(s) be and which reaction you wish to get from this person(s). Then manage your energy according to their character and reaction. This is important to avoid giving false impression from them.

2. Show Good Appearance
Think of your outfit, accessories, and make up you will be using. Appearance is the first thing that people will see when they meet you. Match your style with your business field. If it is a job interview, do not wear excessive accessories. If it’s a meeting with client, wear something that is appropriate and according to your business field so you can get good impression for both yourself and the company you are representing.

3. Learn Body Language
Body language will communicate all that you think or feel, whether you realize it or not. The easy way to learn it is by recording your habits in a video: the way you walk, sit, and talk. Recognize and see your body language, if you feel something is lacking then you can improve it before your meeting.

4. Control Your Mood
If your mood is not good, it is better to find a way to make it cheerful before your meeting, because it will be shown on your expression and attitude. Control your mood to make the situation more fun, relaxing and memorable to other people.

5. Be an Interested Person
When you meet other people, push yourself to be interested on the person you talked to. If you do this, the atmosphere will melt and the conversation will flow more easily. Listen well to what they are saying and ask question as a sign that you are actively involved in the conversation.