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5 Tricks to Enjoy All You Can Eat

Spectr News Theme Eskanisa Ramadiani
16, October 2018

For those who love to eat, all you can eat restaurant could be a perfect choice to make size of your stomach shrinks. It definitely little bit pricey, hundreds of thousand rupiah per person, but for one fixed price, you can taste all menu. To maximize your dining experience in any all you can eat restaurant, here are the easiest tricks you should not miss.

1. Rest Your Stomach

A couple hours before heading to your favourite all you can eat restaurant, it would be better to rest your stomach. But, only couple hours, not a full day because it can increase stomach acid. Just to make you do not feel full quickly.

2. Loose Cozy Clothes

It quite recommended to wear cozy clothes, so you will not feel uneasy while stomach full. You can wear loose trousers or jeans, if you are insisting to wear your favourite skinny jeans, your stomach should probably suffer and you will end up with losing feeling because cannot eat a lot.

3. Small Portions

To decide which food fits your taste, taste all food one by one in small portions. You also will not focus only on one type of food. With some money you spend, taste all various food, especially for food you never tried before.

4. Do Not Drink Too Much

Even bunch of carbonated drinks, juices and sweet iced tea look so tempting, stick with the mineral water. Because level of sugar of those drinks play such a crucial role making stomach full. If you are demanding for soft drinks, drink at the end of dining session.

5. Eliminating Rice

It probably hard to eliminate rice for most people, but you should do that while enjoying all you can eat. Replace a bowl of rice with food you never tried before and the most expensive one. That is why you should try all food served by small portions, so you can choose which one the best, expensive and fits your taste. It is absolutely fine to pick one fits your taste in large portion, with a note side, you can eat all of it, so it will not be wasted. Happy eating!


Eskanisa Ramadiani
Eskanisa Ramadiani