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5 Tricks to Keep Your Luggage Safe While Traveling

By Isny Dewi R

09 Apr 2019

Tips to keep your luggage safe while traveling.

Crime such as theft is often happen at tourist attractions. Tourists crowd and neglect are usually being the factors of theft at tourist sites. Moreover, many tourists do not know much about their destination and just keep having fun without realizing conditions around. But calm down! Check In Jakarta will share tricks to keep your luggage safe while traveling.

1. Research
You can simply do research via internet. Reading blogs of people who have visited a tourist destination that you want to go to, you can also ask several questions through the Ask a Question feature on Google. Usually, if the place is popular enough, someone will answer your question.

In Indonesia, cities that are quite safe for tourists including Yogyakarta, Solo, Bandung, Bali, Lombok, and Flores. As for those who are planning traveling abroad, countries like Denmark, Sweden, Japan, South Korea, Singapore, Malaysia, and Iceland are among the countries that are safe to visit.

2. Bring Money Belt
Money belt is different from waist bag. The shape is thinner and waterproof. Money belt is usually used in clothes and stick to the stomach. You can buy the best money belt with materials that are comfortable to use and the safety that is not easily dislodged. Instead, avoid using a waist bag or using a money belt outside your clothes. Because, it will actually invite thieves to know where your valuables are.

3. Find out Your Accommodation Reputation
It is important for tourists, especially backpackers, to find out hotel reputation. Usually on hotel booking or travel sites there are many reviews from travellers who have stayed overnight. If you plan to stay at a hostel, remember to always put your valuables in your locker, especially when leaving the room. Today's hostels are almost all equipped with lockers.

4. Don't Save Your Money in One Place
Make sure not to keep all your money in one place. Save some money in a hidden location, not difficult for you to take and comfortable for you. You can save money in your inner jacket pocket or front pants pocket that is quite deep.

5. Don't Look Striking
Even though you are a tourist, try to be unobtrusive, simple enough, like not using jewelry or other expensive items. Also try not to look confused when visiting a new place. Always alert, both actions and face expressions. One more thing, don't easily accept suspicious offers from strangers.