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5 Unique Japanese Restaurants in Jakarta

5 Unique Japanese Restaurants in Jakarta

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Japanese food is one of the most favorite dishes for many people. Because of its nearly similar taste, no wonder many Japanese restaurants are spread all over Jakarta. But Check In Jakarta recommends the top 5 Japanese restaurants for their unique concepts, both of the food types and the restaurant designs. Check these out!

1. Kashiwa
The restaurant is located in Melawai area and serves various Japanese authentic menus. Upon entering the restaurant, you will feel the thick Japanese atmosphere by the wooden interior design, Japanese signature ornaments, seats with tatami, and racks of Japanese comics that you can read at the spot. What makes it more unique, all menus at Kashiwa has the same price of Rp29.000,-! The menu ranges from takoyaki, sashimi, to tempura. There are also all you can eat packages where you can have all the menus starts from Rp228.000,- with a drink choice either free flow of fresh juice or beer. You won’t get enough of ordering food in this restaurant. Read more in this article.

2. Fukuro
Different with Kashiwa, this restaurant displays another side of Japan, which is eclectic and post-modern. The metallic colors combined with black dominate the room. The decorations add more uniqueness to this restaurant, such as the masks, face paintings, and koi fish ornaments! The food is also unique, with Japanese and European fusions such as Foie Gras Sukiyaki Don, which is steamed rice that served with goose liver and sukiyaki beef that you can choose between wagyu or kobe. Fancy! Find out more through this article.

3. Kira Kira Ginza
If you want to taste a complete Japanese food, you can come to this restaurant: Kira Kira Ginza. From the name we can start to wonder, what do they have in there? Well, they have it all! They have sushi, sashimi, kushiyaki, ramen, udon, Katsudon, Niku Yasai Itame, and if you eat pork, the Buta Shoga Yaki is one of the must-try menus. The portion is big and the sauce is ‘kicking’. Definitely will make your tummy happy. Accompanied with sake and sochu, you must want to come back here. Read more of it in this article.

4. Seirock-ya
If you don’t consume pork, this restaurant is safe for you. Seirock-ya is a restaurant specialized in no pork ramen, which is written clearly on the front side of the restaurant in Jalan Radio Dalam. The unique part of this restaurant is Seirock-ya serves beauty ramen. Yup! What they mean with beauty ramen is the Toripaitan Ramen, because the soup of this ramen contains collagen that is good for health and beauty. Don’t forget to order their unique Fresh Jeruk. Find out more about Fresh Jeruk in this article.

5. Karei-ya
In this restaurant, you can taste the Japanese curry in unique designs. Their ultimate menus are Chicken Cutlet Curry and Thin-Sliced Beef Curry, which will make you instantly become a food photographer. The reason is because the rice they serve here is formed as certain characters, like the rabbit, dolphin, Baymax, or Hello Kitty. The spicy level is adjustable from mild, medium, to very spicy. Check the details here!