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5 Ways to Avoid Daytime Sleepiness

Spectr News Theme Eskanisa Ramadiani
03, August 2017

When you face a pile of tasks, sleepiness probably come. You are having trouble to concentrate. You want to take a nap, but afraid to get some troubles at the same time. Here are some easiest ways to do to avoid daytime sleepiness.

1. Wash your face

This is one of the classic ways to avoid sleepiness. Face wash makes you feel fresh and refreshing. Go beyond cold water to feel freshness. Cold water makes you feel more relax than warm water. Warm water only makes you feel more sleepy.

2. Do relaxing activity

Do relaxing activity like light exercise, or joking around with your co-workers. But, stay calm and manage the time. 

3. Breath of fresh air

If your office surrounded by green space, you should pay a visit to breath some fresh air. This activity makes your body moving actively. Sunlight decrease melatonin production, a hormone that is responsible for regulating sleep cycles.

4. Munching

To avoid feeling drowsy, you can eat light snacks. It also can curb the hunger. Sweet and healthy snacks give you more energy. You can also pick chewing gum, to stay awake and and focus. 

5. Listen to upbeat music

Most common way to avoid sleepiness is listening upbeat music, like metal, rock, punk or EDM (Electronic Dance Music). That fast-paced will keep you rocking out behind sleepiness. Let’s give a try!


Eskanisa Ramadiani
Eskanisa Ramadiani