5 Ways for Fighting Laziness at Work

5 Ways for Fighting Laziness at Work


Laziness approaches anyone, including you. For eight hours working, most of you spend the whole time, sitting right there, in your desk. When it approaches you, feels like time is walking very slow. So, here are five ways to fighting laziness as well as increasing your productivity.

1. Tell your friends

The easiest ways to fighting laziness at work is making a small talk with your friends. Find the right one to talk with, someone who gives you moral supports or useful information. It can be your co-workers, or might be best friends.

According to psychologist, Henny Wirawan, those who have plenty friends to talk with tend to healthier than solitary person. Solitary person hard to tell their story with anyone else. They tend to keep it by themselves and feel lonely.

2. A day off

Do you agree if travelling is the best way to reenergize yourself to face a pile of tasks again? Brendon Burchard, author of The Charge: Activating the 10 Human Drives That Make You Feel Alive, suggests to take some days off, every 90 days, or four times a year.

You can travel by your partner, co-workers, best friends even by yourselves. The main purpose is relaxing your whole body from monotonous activities at work. While traveling, do not ever think about your work, deadline, client, daily report or anything else. Do not forget to make budget list, places you never visited before, so you are not only stuck at the hotel room. 

3. Take your free time

In the middle of your lunch time, you can do plenty things, like organize your desk. Clean and organize desk help you focus. Starts with unnecessary things in your drawer. Dispose unnecessary bills, papers into the recycle bin. Use your unoccupied drawer as stationaries place. Put your ballpoint, pencil, important documents there.

4. Culinary tours

Arrange your culinary tours at least once a week. For example, every Friday night, no need to pick fancy restaurant. The main purpose is gaining your culinary experiences, if you are working outside the city. It can be a small gathering with your co-workers after work.

Besides that, another benefit if you are doing culinary tours on Friday night is promo. You can choose one of these promo, 30% discount, Friday Deals also Buy 1 Get 1 from your favourite restaurants, mostly fast-food restaurants.

5. Listening to the music

According to study of University of Gothenburg, being bored can be as stressful as being overworked. To avoid that, enjoy your favourite music. Another study by University Maryland Medical Centre, there is relationship between heart rate and music. Upbeat songs improve health, it also boosts their moods and increasing blood flow up to 26%, which is made possible by pumping of the heart