5 Ways to Become Successful Influencer

5 Ways to Become Successful Influencer


Past few years, plenty popular brands started using social media like Instagram and YouTube as effective promotion platforms to introduce their products or services as well as gain the engagement between them and customers. By that reason, appeared a new phenomenon named influencer.

Someone who has plenty followers on social media also has great engagement with them. Commonly, a brand ask influencer to promote their products or services through the social media. It is not surprising if many people want to be an influencer. Here is the easy ways to become successful influencer.

1. Platform

Based on your passion, choose right social media as promotion platform. If you are the creative one, talk active, have a great skill to edit video, choose YouTube for promotion. But, if you feel more secure to write persuasive words to gain followers engagement, choose Instagram.

2. Specific Content

After you choose the right platform as your promotion media to gain more followers, you can pick the right content. One of many contents you can use to gain follower engagement is client testimonial. Basically, your followers more likely trust the products or brand if they find honest testimonial. You can upload the testimonial through photo and persuasive caption or short video.

3. Quality of Photo or Video

This point separates between influencer and other social media user, the quality of photo or video. High quality of photo or video helps any influencer to gain their engagement with followers. Either using your smartphone or professional camera, you should probably note best timing to take a photo or video, for example using the natural sunlight in the morning or afternoon. You also can use additional lighting while take a photo or video in the room.

4. Using Hashtag

Hashtag helps you to gain likes and followers, it also can be used to introduce your products or services endorsement to followers. Hashtag facilitates your followers to get more information of your photo or video endorsements. Pick the right hashtag, use it consistently while promoting your brand. 

5. Networking

Become a successful influencer cannot be separated from networking. Make a new friend with other influencer or representative of brand you are attending. It can be motivated you also keeping you update with today’s issue.