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5 Ways to Boost Your Confident

5 Ways to Boost Your Confident


Confidence is a crucial foundation in career. Being a person with confidence, will help you see possibilities for success. Through hard work and right guidance, everyone can boost their confidence. Here are few ways to boost your confidence that you can do:

1. Look at Yourself with Honesty
To grow confidence, someone has to be able to judge themselves accurately with honesty. If you find a weakness, sharpen your skill to get rid of the weakness and minimize the negative impact. Having a good understanding about yourself can also help you to respond criticism in a good way.

2. Dare to Say No
Based on a research by University of California, the more difficult for you to say no, the bigger the chance for you to be stressed and depressed. Confident people knows that dare to say no is a positive thing and they assume it as an act of respect to yourself.

3. Have a Good Relationship with Your Boss
In a work environment, having a bad relationship with boss will ruin someone’s confidence, even for talented people. It is hard to grow confidence when your boss always criticizes and humiliates your contribution in the office. Try to identify the source of the problem and decide if there is any way to resolve it. If not, perhaps it is time for you to look for another job.

4. Challenge Yourself
People with high confidence are happy to challenge themselves to get a ‘small victory’. Scientifically, this can make a new androgen receptor in your brain which functioned for motivation and appreciation. The increasing of androgen receptor will also increase the production of testosterone, so someone will feel more confident and convinced to reach for something.

5. Be Assertive, Not Aggressive
When feeling unsafe, someone will easily become aggressive without realizing it. Learn to say calmly about anything that you feel without being aggressive. Being assertive and open will make you more confident.