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5 Ways to Build Brand Awareness

Spectr News Theme Isny Dewi R.
06, September 2017

Build a business brand and announce to public is not easy and should be done with special ways. So, what kind of ways should the for entrepreneurs have to take to build their brand awareness?

1. Make Engagement With Story
You can make interesting story that suit with your brand business. Create story that can make consumers feel emotionally engagement to your products.

For example, you are planning to advertise your sports shoes. The consumers not just see the design, price, or color, but also “the character” of the shoes. You can announce the products with the characteristics that relate to the consumers, such active, dynamic, and trendy.

When the engagement between consumers and products has been built, your brand will started to be known.

2. Not Easily Affected
When you are try to build your product, try not to be easily affected of a trend or competitors product. Consumers could have more focused and assess your products are only follower of the other that had been popular.

3. Be Creative
No matter what business you built, competitors are always be there. But you do not need to worry! It will make you feel challenged to be creative and innovative in creates unique products and different from the others.

4. Make Customer Care

With this way, consumers would feel appreciated. According to reports from Aberdeen Group, known that the company which has customer care growing 7.5% every year. While the company without customer care, only suffered growth 2.9%.

5. Make Offline Store
If your business only working on the online way and has been success, now is the time to expanded to the offline. Never forget the existence of your product in the real world. Many customers are demanding to opening offline store.

It is also can be a big opportunity to build you brand awareness, having an offline store could be an advantage for your business. Because you can introduce your product to the people who do not know your brand yet.

Isny Dewi R.
Isny Dewi R.