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5 Ways to Enjoy Kota Tua

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19, August 2015

Kota Tua, as a Jakarta’s landmark, is being one of the recommended recreation places for locals or foreign tourist. With its historical sites and attractive tourism spots, here are some tips for you to enjoy Kota Tua:

1. Wandering Around with Onthel Cycle
Onthel cycle, known as the Dutch’s vehicle, can be an attractive object for you to rent in Kota Tua. This cycle rent is also provided in some areas near the main square of Kota Tua. You can wander around using the onthel cycle for 30 minutes. You would better rent it in the morning or evening to avoid sunny weather.

2. Hunting Old-Style Building Photos
The Kota Tua area represents the old-style of Dutch colonialism. For example, the Toko Merah where used as the Government’s house of VOC, or Fatahillah Museum where was a town hall and court. For you who are the photography lovers, capturing these high architectural buildings will definitely make your day.

3. Visiting Historical Museums
After the colonialization, Kota Tua area is known better for the museums. Name it Wayang Museum, Bank Indonesia Museum, Fatahillah Museum, Fine Arts and Ceramics Museum, Bank Mandiri Museum, and Maritime Museum. Guaranteed you will gain more knowledge of Jakarta’s history after you visit them.

4. Tasting Jakarta’s Culinary
Your trip will not be complete without some tasty experience. You don’t have to worry because there are lots of Jakarta’s foods around Kota Tua, from street food like Kerak Telor to fine dining such as Batavia Café offering Batavia’s old cuisine.

5. Visiting The Old Worship Places
Kota Tua is also known as a harmonic area with some ethnicity staying there. When you visit Kota Tua, don’t forget to visit some old worship places such as Sion Church (a Portuguese church), Al Anshor Mosque (the oldest mosque in Jakarta), and the complex of Arya Marga Klenteng or Nan Jing Miao. In these places, you will get many information of the Jakarta’s old society since colonialism times with various ethnicity and religions but still living harmonically.

Miranti Devina
Miranti Devina