5 Ways to Fight Fatigue

5 Ways to Fight Fatigue


A pile of work and lots of activities can consume your energy. Plus, if you have to face some traffic jam before reaching your house. To prevent fatigue, there are 5 simple ways you can do daily. Check this out!

1. Have Breakfast
Yup, many researchers found that breakfast is important for your health. Make sure you have one before you start your day, because breakfast gives you the nutrition your body needs. A full stomach will help you concentrate in doing daily activities. Try this simple breakfast menu, such as fried rice with sunny-side egg and juice. If you cannot consume heavy meal in the morning, try cereal with milk and fresh fruits. Tuna or chicken sandwich can also be your delicious option. The most important part is, don’t skip your breakfast!

2. Drink Water Regularly
Consume 8 to 10 glasses of mineral water, or equals to 2 liters. Water can help you gain your stamina and prevent dehydration. Sometimes we are too busy working and forget drinking mineral water. That’s why your body can get easily fatigue. So don’t forget to drink water regularly since it is refreshing and can get away your fatigue.

3. Eat On-Time
Make sure you have your meal on time. Healthy living is when you eat three times a day with balance diet. Eat healthy menu on time will help the nutrition easily absorbed to your body and gain back your body stability so you cannot get fatigue easily.

4. Consume Fiber
Take your time to consume fiber foods such as fruits and vegetables. Besides stabilizing your metabolism, fiber foods can also give you energy. For example, when you want an evening snack, fruits or rujak can be your yummy snack. Just don’t forget to consume fiber foods to prevent slower metabolism.

5. Listening to Music
Listen to your favorite music will gain back your mood. Music can also accompany your activity and reduce stress. You can feel more enjoy and relax. So, keep listening to the music!