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5 Ways to Free Yourself from Work on Weekend

5 Ways to Free Yourself from Work on Weekend


Time flies. It’s already weekend again. It’s time to get fun and relax. But some people still have works to do on weekends and deadlines to catch. Now don’t be that kind of person. If you have to do it because of the demand and responsibility, well, you have to do it. But if you have to do it because you are being lazy on weekdays, it’s time to change your strategy. How? Check this out!

1. Finish Your Job on Time
Get things done on time. Put in mind this principal and do this right and wholeheartedly. It is better that you don’t postpone your to-do list, because it will make your work piled up. You might be stressed and being haunted, or have to finish it by the weekend. Whoops! You must not want to ruin your weekend with office work, aren’t you? So, be on time!

2. No Weekend Meeting
Try to avoid meeting with clients on the weekend, even if you are a workaholic! To avoid this, you must get your task done on time, or even before it. With this you can show that you are responsible with your works and being able to enjoy weekend with family, friends, partner or maybe… me time!

3. Meet Your Friends
Meeting friends must be fun. Ask them out for a coffee or barbeque hangout at home. Why not? Whatever it is, spending your weekend with best friends should be refreshing.

4. Make a Short Vacation
Who said vacations are impossible to be done on weekends? It can! Browse around! Use the Internet technology as much as you can. By browsing you can get interesting promotions for destination, hotels or tickets. Try checking e-commerce web that sells ticket or accommodation to those places.

5. Push Yourself to Avoid Working
If millions of ways can’t avoid you from weekend working, maybe it’s time to avoid the job itself. How? Shut your phone off. Use other numbers that only your closest people know so you can stay in touch. Other way, keep yourself away from laptop and use your time to do something else. Or do the activities you want to do but got delayed due to your daily routine.