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5 Ways to Have a Successful Mobile App

5 Ways to Have a Successful Mobile App


The era development along with the advanced technology make the technology innovation also evolved to ease users in daily life. People in digital business field, such as e-commerce or online portal, is starting to look at application as a tool to sell their products. Online transportation and online shop application are just examples of the common mobile application. Well, to have a successful mobile app, take notes on these 5 ways below!

1. Start with Free
Yes, if you have a mobile app and want to bring your product to the market, avoid asking users to pay when you launch your product. Start it with free! Because if you ask them to pay, it will make them don’t want to know more about your application. Usually, a free app will make people more interested to download it. The more free access, the more people will know your product.

2. Presentation + Great Promotion = Great Result
Don’t get it wrong, mobile app also needs to be presented. The goal is to make people know the strength of your mobile app and make them interested to know more. The presentation can be done offline or online. Giving an online presentation is one of the ways to promote your product. The better you give the presentation, the greater your promotion will look and it’s expected that you will get a positive feedback. So, make a proper and interesting presentation and promotion to attract people.

3. Manage the App
Application management is really important. It needs to be managed and maintained so your application can be trusted. Besides that, managing and maintaining content also needs to be done. With keep updating your application, people will also see and judge your concern as a developer to think creatively and innovatively on developing application. With the emergence of competition, you also need to make your application user friendly and pack it with attractive features.

4. Make an Interesting Packaging
Making and packing an application not only need to be done right and correctly, but also has to be creative and fresh. Make something different but still user friendly. For Indonesian market, the interface still has an important role on defining a success of an online app. Because of that, make sure the aesthetic of your application is designed correctly, interestingly, out of the box, and user friendly.

5. Involve User
Involving user means you have to give them space to criticize your online application. You don’t have to be scared of critics, with that and some feedbacks from user, you will know your app’s weakness and can fix it soon to make it perfect. Good luck and keep the spirit!