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5 Ways to Make a Safe Password

5 Ways to Make a Safe Password


The United States government suggest internet users to combine word with symbol to make a password. For most people this type of password is difficult to guessed, but not for computers. In addition, make a password with random words also difficult to remembered. So, how to make a password that safe and easy to remember?

1. Make a Long Password
Quoting from Lifehacker’s site, the hacker have some smart ways and programs to plowing password. Usually this program will elaborated passwords database that often used. To handle it, make a passwords that long but easy to remember. Such as “calender flying frog” without using spaces. It is safer if you use combination capital and small letter.

2. Test The Password
After you have made a long password, now, you have to test how secure your password is. A number of sites on the internet provide assistance to test security password, one of them is How Secure Is My Password and How Strong Is Your Password. Those sites give a password security guarantee as it has been tested several trusted developers.

3. Using Application
If you still confused find a word to make safe password, you can use some applications. As example 1password. This application will help you to make a password that safe and easy for to you remember. While for other features will give you notification when someone try to hack your password.

4. Do Not Save Your Password on Browser!
Always remember not to save your password in browser such as Safari, Mozzila, and Chrome. Usually, browser will ask “do you want this browser remember your password or not”, when you log in to any site. when If this question appear, you can select “never”. Why this is necessary? Because the hacker can easily pretend to be system from the site and ask you to enter password.

5. Using Two-Factor Authentication
You can use this feature that allows you add a layer of security in addition using password. This way relatively safer than send authentication code through text.