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5 Ways to Maximize Your Internship

5 Ways to Maximize Your Internship


Internship has now become one of graduation requirement for college students. But, there are also students who have their internship just for spend their spare time. Internship is an opportunity to students interested in gaining work experience in particular industries for 2 – 5 months or more.

Not only used for their GPA (Grade Point Average), internship also gives other opportunity if you can maximize it. 

1. Finish Your Work Well
Become an intern means you have to finish all of your work, from small to big work. Do  all what they command to you and show to your company that you are serious and dependable no matter you are only an intern.

2. Expand Your Insight
An intern can be more than just a helper or a college student who needs a grade. You can increase your knowledge even in your everyday small job.

Know deeper about every work you do randomly, applied work systems, and dig deeper about what the most job you like. So, you can get more knowledge which absolutely very useful when the time for you to be an employee has arrived.

3. Find Opportunities and Chances
Sometimes, interns have a chance to work in team or do the same work as the employee. If you get that chance, use it well and show to your company that you can work professionally. If you still have not that chance yet, go find it and offer yourself to handle that work.

4. Give Solutions
If you work in a team, and your team are facing trouble, try to give your solution. Moreover if you have the best solution than the other and have a chance to explain it, don't be hesitate to bring it up in front of your experienced teammate. It is possible that your solution is the best way to resolve the trouble and your position in that company be more considered.

5. Save Your Salary
Every company have their own policy about intern salary. If in your company gives you salary, try to save half of it that can be useful in the next days.