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5 Ways to Promote Business on Social Media

5 Ways to Promote Business on Social Media

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Now you can advertise through various ways with media, especially social media. These are some ways you can go through:

1. Create a quiz and share it. Many people are likely to be challenged to win a quiz and get the reward. So make it unique. The more attractive the prize, the more attention from people you will get.

2. Share knowledge and new information which many people have not known. This will bring a positive feedback from them. Always remember that people like to share information to anyone. So you can try to share the information about your new business in Facebook, Twitter, blog, etc.

3. Advertise your business so people can know it. In digital marketing world, you can use Google ads or Facebook ads to promote your business.

4. Use a community or group. This is an easy way to reach many people in short time. Try to follow some communities on Twitter.

5. Write status or post on social media. For example, you can make an advertisement message in Twitter: “Enjoy your holiday with discount from @YourBrand_id.” Make it simple, effective, but still elegant.