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5 Ways to Set a Monthly Budget

5 Ways to Set a Monthly Budget


Most of us probably use monthly salary for living expenses. After payday, we tend to buy unnecessary things. If you find yourself cannot set a monthly budget properly, you might find  yourself nervously checking the calendar, like every single time. Luckily, this article can help you manage your finance better.

1. Make a monthly budget

Make a monthly is a must. Tidy written budgeting used to control your expenses. Pay your bills or loans first. Do not forget to save some money, the rest of your salary can be used for living expenses.
2. Bills come first

As the first point mention about, pay your bills first, electricity and phone bills or paying down credit card debts. You can save the rest, in cases of emergencies.

3. Make two or more bank accounts

Having two or more bank accounts is useful. Make it easier for you to design monthly budgeting. Use one account for living expenses, like bills, food and living expenses also transportation. Use another account to saving up your money. Figure out how much you may want to save every month.

4. Insurance and Investment

You should look to invest your hard earned money to take even more money later. You will not be able to use that money accidentally for something else. Those are useful, a long way in the future.

5. Keep a piggy bank

It is always something to use saving money for living expenses. To avoid use your saving money, starts with piggy bank. Choose the interesting one, to build your goals.