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5 Ways to Spend Your Weekend in Jakarta

5 Ways to Spend Your Weekend in Jakarta


Surely you can’t always spend your weekend to go outside Jakarta, right? Well, Jakarta has many spots for you to have fun. What kind of activities you can do in Jakarta on the weekend?

1. Watching Movie
Yes, it’s like every week there will always be a new movie on the cinema in Jakarta. Although maybe you get bored, but watching a movie should be on your list of weekend activity. Usually, you can find cinema in almost every malls in Jakarta.

2. Enjoy Profesional Relaxation
After five or six days of working, weekend is the time to relax. Once in a while, you should try the professional wellness spot such as spa, massage, or other relaxation services. Even though you will spend more money, but you don’t have to worry about the service and facility you will get. For more information about relaxation, you can see in Spot category and choose Wellness in our website.

3. Window Shopping at The Mall
Going to the mall does not mean you must do shopping. Sometimes you can just do window shopping. Just being in a crowd and see what’s trending nowadays. Being at the mall can make you gain new information such as the latest electronic products or foods.

4. Exercise at The Public Park
On weekdays, it may be hard for you to split time between working and exercising. The best time is on the weekend. Exercising at the public park will not only give you some fresher air but also a safe place from any motor vehicles.

5. Historical Trip
A lot of places in Jakarta have different historical values. If you run out of idea of what to do on weekend, try to have a historical trip to the museum or the historical sites in Jakarta, such as Monas, Gajah Museum, etc. You will not only gain your knowledge of history, but you can also hunt unique photos there.