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5 Wise Ways on Using Social Media

5 Wise Ways on Using Social Media


The trend of using social media in this globalization era can cause many troubles. To avoid you from those problems, there are 5 wise ways on using the social media. Check these out!

1. Avoid Negative Comments
We can comment on almost all of the social media’s posts, from our own friends or in a public forum. Avoid commenting in negative tone, especially if it could offend someone or a group. If you disagree to their opinions, you can save it to yourselves. Negative comments will only trigger another comment that would lead to arguments. A use of rude words can trouble you with law of EIT (Electronic Information and Transaction).

2. Do Not Share Personal Information
The vast network of the social media makes your shared information can be seen by anyone, even if they are in the other side of the globe. That’s why you should avoid sharing your personal data, such as home address, phone number, or other information that can be misused by other people.

3. Filter Your Friend List
When you sign up on a social media site, your profile is automatically accessible by anyone who has an account in the same site. That is why you should filter your friend list. The filtering should start early by checking each of the friend requests you receive. If you don’t know the person, it is better to decline. If you have approved them by mistake, do not easily trust anything that they say, or change their friendship status into Acquaintance.

4. Don’t Trust Any Information Easily
By having Internet, information is easily spread widely. But not all of them are true. You have to be smart on choosing which one to believe and which one tends to be a hoax. Don’t share the wrong information to other people. Do a crosscheck before sharing it viral.

5. Use Proper Grammar
The written language in social media can have different meaning from oral language, so use the good grammar to avoid misunderstanding from other parties. Get used to write in a proper language and mention the source where you quoted the information from other people or site. Good luck!