6 Myths About Alcohol You Shouldn’t Believe

6 Myths About Alcohol You Shouldn’t Believe


You cannot simply beat booze? For instance, these some popular misconceptions about alcohol. Before you get drunk, read this.

1. Alcohol make you sleepy

According to University of Missouri researcher Dr Makesh Thakkar, alcohol is not working for a good night’s sleep. Alcohol interferes with sleep regulatory homeostatic system leads insomnia and sleep disruptions, especially REM cycle. REM cycle dominates half of the sleep period, especially the hours before waking. Lack of REM cycle leads to few negative effects on behaviour, like wake up in the middle of the night. Alcohol is a diuretic. Alcohol will tell your kidneys to make you pee much more than you take in. In other words, you need to go to the toilet more often after drink.

2. Vomit to prevent drunk

Myth: Vomit after drinking certainly seem to sober you up.

Fact: Unlike food, alcohol does not need to be digested. It can travels easily into the bloodstream and enter the stomach. After entering the bloodstream, alcohol already reached your brain. So, vomiting does not clean out the toxin. It certainly is not going to sober you up.

3. Liquor before beer

Myth: start with liquor, like tequila and the following beers.


Fact: The order of the drinks does not matter as much as the quantity.

4. Alcohol causes a beer belly

An excess of calories from anything, including alcohol will pack on the pounds. But, according to nutritionist Dr Kathryn O’Sullivan, a huge amounts of beer will gain weight. Beer has fewer calories than alcohol, wine and spirits.

5. Coffee to sober you up

According to Brown University can counteract the tiredness induced by alcohol, but it cannot remove feelings of drunkenness.

6. Alcohol should be avoided

According to Harvard School of Public Health, moderate drinking (less than one drink per day) appears to have little effect on cardiovascular benefit.