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6 Apps You Should Have in Your Smartphone

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12, October 2015

Along with the advanced technology, the application developers are triggered to create more apps that can ease the user’s daily life. These are the must-download apps for your smartphone:

1. Social Media
Smartphone will not be complete without social media, right? You can download many social media for your smartphone such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Path, WhatsApp, Blackberry Messenger (BBM) are the must-have social media in your phone. And, the latest trend from America is a social media named Snapchat. Snapchat is a video messaging which can be recorded in 7 seconds. And then, you can edit it with words and emoticon, and also filters. Fun, isn’t it?

2. Photo Editor
For you who love to take selfie and wefie, having a photo editor is a must to make your photo more interesting. There are many photo editor apps you can choose, such as Snapseed, Pixir-o-atic, Pics Art, Cymera, and InstaBeauty. Each has their signature features and user friendly. Well, there are many people use the photo editor first before upload it to their social media, right? How about you?

3. Browser
If you are an internet user with high mobility, you should download browsers such as Google Chrome from Google Play or AppStore. Especially if you want to be updated with the latest issue. With downloading Google Chrome, you can browse many things on the internet through your smartphone.

4Mobile Banking
Now, you don’t have to be busy going to the bank just to transfer money or pay the bills. Mobile banking will help you a lot for those transactions. Some of the examples are BCA mobile and Mandiri mobile. These two banks have integrated mobile banking system for their customer. Just by clicking buttons in the mobile banking system, you can already do the transactions easily. Simple, right?

5. Game
Game is an entertaining thing that will be useful when you are bored or waiting in a queue. There are already plenty of games that you can download for your phone to make your day more fun. These are some examples of games that you can download for your Android or iOS device, such as Kardashian, Let’s Get Rich, Candy Crush, and Criminal Case. Well, you can always pick the game based on what game types you like in Google Play for Android and AppStore for iOS.

 6Music Player
For you who love listening to music, don’t forget to download music player. Music player can accompany you while doing chores or when you are on your way to work. Let’s say, Power AMP is one of the music players that you can download. With music, your day will be more colorful and alive!

Miranti Devina
Miranti Devina