6 Email Mistakes You Should Avoid in Working World

6 Email Mistakes You Should Avoid in Working World


Email is now being a frequently used communication tool in office world. But to write a proper email, we need certain etiquette because your success can be defined just by an email. To make sure you are on the right track, avoid these 6 email writing mistakes below!

1. Forwarding Email without Explanation
If you feel like there is an email that needs to be forwarded to other people or even to your superior, don’t just forward it as it is, without any explanation of the email meanings. Because without any explanation, it’s like you are wasting the email recipient’s time to find out the meaning by themselves. The things you should do are review the email you would like to forward first, change the subject, and then write the summary of it. By doing these, the email recipient will directly get the meaning of your forwarded email.

2. Watch Out for the Grammar
Don’t underestimate the email writing, use the proper grammar when you are exchanging messages via email. Insert an introduction such as “For…” or “Dear…” and mention the name of email recipient. If the recipient is older than you, use polite appellation, such as Mr. or Mrs. Avoid rambling words, colorful fonts, and moreover unnecessary emoji. Remember, the shorter the better!

3. Using Jargon
Jargon is a special word or expressions used by certain group on certain field. Because usually jargon has a particular meaning with special sentence, avoid using it on your office email. Except if the email recipient and you already understood the jargon.

4. Using Slang
It’s better to not using nowadays acronym or slangs when communicating via emails at work. You have to stay professional and make your email relevant every time. Except if your work is related to certain context such as hashtag for social media.

5. “Reply All” on Each Email
The reply all feature on email makes everyone on the CC and BCC box can see your reply. Don’t use this feature if you just want to tell one of them. If you frequently use this feature, you will annoy and flood other people’s inbox.

6. Always Organizing Email Folder
Maybe you want your email more organized and tidier. But do you know that this thing will just waste your time? Rather than be busy organizing your email, you better make a work to-do list so your work priority can be more organized. Just sort out your email when you really don’t have any work to do or when you are in spare time. Be a smart email sender!