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6 Fun Activities to Do on Weekends

6 Fun Activities to Do on Weekends


Hello again weekend! Yup, it’s already the time to relax and have fun. Have you plan your weekend now? If you don’t know what to do in Jakarta, we made a list that will make you refreshed when you have to go to work or school on the next Monday!

1. Visit the Water Recreation Spots
Water recreation spot? What we meant here is the water park where you and family or friends can try various water rides. You can spend all day playing with water and it must be fun!

2. Spend Time in Recreational Park
Visiting a recreation park can be fun, too. It has many forms: with cultural park, playing park (with many fun rides to try), or educational park.

3. Tour the Historical Places
If you like history, you can come to these places in Jakarta: Museum Gajah, Monas, Museum Fatahillah, Presidency Palace, Museum Prasasti, and many other old buildings. Besides recreating you may add knowledge here.

4. Time to Shop
Talking about shopping, it’s a never-ending topic. Jakarta is one of the shopping havens, from fashion to daily needs, from cheap stuff to expensive ones. The key is to know where to find one that meets your needs and budget.

5. Fun Sport
Use your weekend to workout. It is not necessarily have to be expensive to start a healthy lifestyle. It can simply be running, jogging or walking around the house complex or city park. Or it can be cycling and skate boarding on car free days. It’s the only time you can do an activity in the middle of the streets of Jalan Sudirman-Thamrin.

6. Spoil Yourself
Going to a salon or barbershop to groom your self, or enjoying a massage treatment at spa on weekends must be fun! Use the time to refresh your appearance to refresh your mind. You can start your next weekday so fresh!