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6 Interesting Cafes in Bintaro

Spectr News Theme Miranti Devina
19, August 2015

Want to try new cafés outside Jakarta but can’t go too far? Try these hangout spots in Bintaro with friendlier price and fresher ambience than Jakarta’s. Check these out!

1. Lot 9
This place can be your next favorite hangout spot. Uniquely, this café brings industrialist concept for the interior, combined with pop art and wide, cozy, and cool garden. They provide Indonesian foods such as Bubur Manado, Dendeng Balado, Soto Ayam, Nasi Goreng Roa, and other tempting menu you should check out by yourself. For the beverages, they come up with unique names, such as Inem Pelayan Seksi, Kapan Kawin, Daun Di Atas Bantal, and Catatan Si Boy. So creative!

Lot 9
Jl. Arteri Bintaro No. 78
Bintaro Sektor 9
Pondok Aren
Tel: +62 21 2221 0455
Website: -
Buka : 10.00 – 24.00

2. Burgreen
For vegetarians, this place will suit you best because they go organic with the foods. They also offer delicious raw food. For you who want to detox, you can try this raw food at Burgreen. Eating healthy now will be so much easier with Burgreen!

Jl Flamboyan No.19
Bintaro – Tangeran Selatan
Tel: +62 878 8200 5070
Website: http://www.burgreens.wordpress.com
Buka: 09.30-21.30

3. Renegade
Ever see Renegade movie starring Lorenzo Lamas? Yes, this café has a concept of that movie, so it is exclusively designed with heavy weight motorcycle decoration. They mostly serve western food here, but you will find some Indonesian food such as fried rice. The head chef is also from Australia. The price range starts from Rp15.000,- to Rp130.000,-

Renegade Café
Jl Elang Delang No.9
Bintaro Sektor 9 – Tangerang Selatan
Tel: +62 21 33184764
Website: http://www. rene9ade.com/no9-bar-and-eats/

Just like the name, IND.USTRIE brings industrial concept for the interior, with recycled materials for the furniture. This café can be the right choice for you to hang out while enjoying their delicious food, such as Sandwich Skinny Minnie, Crispy Wonton, Teriyaki Beef, Chicken Katsu, Katsudon Beef, and Ramen. You can also pick various hot or cold drinks. Eating here will only cost you Rp75.000,-/pax. Go try here!

Kebayoran Arcade 2, Blok B3 No.5B

Bintaro Sektor 7 – Pondok Aren
Banten 15224
Tel: +62 21 29511772
Website: http://www.industrieid.com
Buka: 07.30-21.00

5. Sebastian Coffee Shop
The Matcha Frappe here is a must try! This drink becomes the café’s signature beverage. This café provides cozy place decorated with container walls, so you will feel like you are literally in a container. You can also enjoy the selections of tasty foods here. Check it out by yourself at the address below!

Sebastian Coffee Shop
Jl. RC Veteran No.11A
Rempoa – Bintaro
Jakarta Selatan 12330
Tel: +62 21 73691525 / +62 21 65303729
Buka: Senin Libur, Minggu-Kamis: 14.00 – 23.00, Jumat-Sabtu : 16.00 – 01.00

6. Pop Art Cafe
This café offers you their tasty foods with affordable price. Try Nasi Iga Sambal Bawang, Gado-Gado Semarang, Nasi Soto Ayam, Udang Mayonnaise, Tempe Mendon, Spicy Wings, and various menus of sushi, ramen, and katsu. You can also pick the beverage selections here, such as Ice Lychee Tea, Thai Tea, and various mocktails and juice. The place is also interesting with colorful pop art decoration, makes the ambience seems friendly and make you want to go back here!

Pop Art Café
Jl. Merpati Raya Q1 No.5
Bintaro –Tangerang Selatang
Tel: +62 21 92298478
Website: -
Buka: 11.00 – 22.00

Miranti Devina
Miranti Devina