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6 Meeting Etiquettes You Need to Know

6 Meeting Etiquettes You Need to Know


A person with good attitude indeed will be liked by many people. Moreover, if he/she also has a good etiquette. Besides it should be applied in society, etiquette is also needed in working world. According to Barbara Pachter, the writer of the book “The Essentials of Business Etiquette”, there are 6 etiquettes that should be applied when you are in a meeting with client. What are the 6? Check this out!

1. Be On Time
An on time person will be more respected by other person. So make sure you are on time when you have a meeting schedule with your client. You better come 15-30 minutes before the scheduled time.

2. Introduce Yourself
If it is your first time for a client meeting, don’t forget to introduce yourself. For example, “Hello, I am Irma. Nice to meet you”. Or if you bring your co-worker with you (which has not ever met the client), don’t forget to introduce your co-worker also to the client. For example, “Hello Mr. Budi, let me introduce you to my co-worker, Donny”. With introducing yourself to the client, the meeting atmosphere will be more convenient.

3. Have a Detail Meeting Plan   
This means you need to have a clear purpose when you want to have a meeting with client. You have to know what exactly you want to say to them. Deliver your words clearly and simply, of course in polite and diplomatic way, but not pleonastic. This also needs a good preparation before you deliver your words to them. Stay on your ‘track’, don’t get out of your real intention.

4. Observe Body Language
Body language is the reflection of your character. That’s why, control your body language starts from the way of seating, talking, and body moving. Sit up straight (but not too stiff, so the ambience is not nervous) and see the client’s eyes when you talk to them. Make sure you hear them until they are finished talking, and then you are allowed to talk or ask. Also talk in clear voice so client can get your meaning. Once again, try to relax, not so tense but still polite so the meeting runs comfortably.

5. Don’t Interrupt
Interrupting is a rude thing and impolite. So don’t interrupt when someone is talking or explaining something to you. You better pay attention to them first and get their intention. If you have a question, save it for the right moment to ask, which is after they finish talking. If it’s really necessary for you to ask when the client is still talking, don’t forget to say, “Sorry to interrupt…” but make sure you don’t interrupt too much. Because this thing will disturb them.

6. Keep Your Smartphone Away
Yes, don’t open your smartphone when you are in a meeting. Because the client can consider you as impolite and not appreciate them. Keep the smartphone in your bag and ignore it for a moment. Don’t forget to turn off the smartphone notifications and change it into silent mode.