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6 Signs You’re Meant to Be an Entrepreneur Rather Than Employee

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29, April 2016

Bored on being an employee that tends to have a monotonous routine? Well, it’s okay if you want to try to build a business. If you are not sure whether you are business-minded or not, check out these 5 signs that can indicate you are meant to be an entrepreneur!

1. Easily Bored with Routine
Arrived at the office, work, have lunch, and back to work until the office hour ends from Monday to Friday are your routines as an employee. And yet various rules such as a proper dress attire. If you are bored with this routine, then you have one of the signs of an entrepreneur who does not like to be limited with the rules made by an organization. Maybe this is the time for you to make your own rules with the company you will build?

2. Love to Be a Team Leader
Are you brave to be responsible, prefer leading than being lead, and successfully lead your team for a project in your office? If so, it means you are suitable to work for yourself and lead a team to be together reaching your business goal. This leader character is the basic needs of an entrepreneur.

3. Always Have an Idea
Always think out of the box and speak up about brilliant ideas are also the characters of an entrepreneur. Besides, you should also be able to solve problems from any causes. If you are creative and can be a problem solver, then you are ready to be an entrepreneur!

4. Brave to Take Risk
Brave to take risk without being afraid of failure means you have a business mindset. Of course, running a business is not as easy as it seems, starting from collecting fund, facing loss, to the worst case which is being deceived or bankruptcy can be happened. But if you are not afraid and be brave to face those all, it means you have what it takes to be a successful entrepreneur.

5. Can See Opportunity
Do you feel like having a business mindset? It’s like you can use every opportunity to get profit. For example, being a reseller of an online shop or just having a garage sale with negotiable price that can bring you profit. And that is because of your skill for negotiating. If so, you are indeed better to be an entrepreneur.

6. Want to Broaden Your Connection
Networking or broaden your connection is the success key of an entrepreneur. You have to be brave on introducing yourself to other people. Who knew that one of them is your next customer, supplier, or even investor! So, are you ready to be an entrepreneur?

Miranti Devina
Miranti Devina