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6 Tips and Tricks to Start Culinary Business in Jakarta

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19, August 2015

Culinary business is now being a tempting opportunity for the entrepreneur, and maybe for you too. Even though, starting a culinary business is not as easy as we imagined. That’s why you need to consider these tips and tricks to start your culinary business.

1. Find Your Culinary Business Type
It’s so important to choose the type of your culinary business because each of them has its own opportunity and threat. So far, there are three types of culinary business, which are in-store culinary business, food truck culinary business, and online culinary business. Which one is your type? You have to choose carefully so you will not waste any money to build any unnecessary business.

2. Digital System Activation
On this millennium era, you will need various digital helps to make your business work. For example, by making official site, social media account, and even using digital agency service. Your market target can be easily approach by those, than by using traditional marketing way of spreading brochures.

3. Showing Quality Images
If you already have asset in digital world, now you have to think of the content for the asset. The most important is the visual. Everybody will be curious to try your product if you provide interesting visual. This also will give a good image for your business.

4. Invite The Food Blogger
Food bloggers take big part of today culinary business. This is because their followers already trust their restaurant reviews. Invite them along, so you can easily spread your business information through them.

5. Provide Customer Care
Besides food blogger, customer’s testimony is one of the reasons why people want to come to a certain culinary spot. Provide a room for customer’s testimony in your site or your social media. When you give an excellent service and good food, new customer will be satisfied.

6. Focus to Business Identity
Some of culinary business fall apart because they are too busy having experiment and innovation which only make them far from their truly identity. If you choose to make a Japanese restaurant, don’t put other unrelated dishes such pizza or pasta. Customer will be confused with your business identity. The most important thing is how you can give quality over quantity on each menu.

Miranti Devina
Miranti Devina