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6 Tips for Safe Night Car Driving in Jakarta

Spectr News Theme Victoria Tunggono
01, March 2016

Driving car at night needs extra focus. Plus, the fact that you are living in an urban city like Jakarta, going home at night is unavoidable. You may have read broadcast messages about unwanted events that happen along the way. For that, Check In Jakarta gathered these tips so you can stay safe on driving car home at night. Check these out!

1. Lock Doors Right Away
This is a simple but most forgettable thing to do for some people. Get used to do this as your first thing to do as you enter your car. When you are off guard, criminals that have targeted your car might swiftly break into the car.

2. Hide Valuable Things in Your Car
Laptop bag, backpack, or other valuables are the objects they are after. Make sure you hide it carefully when you leave the car on the parking area, although for only a moment, and when you are driving on the streets. You can place it under the seats or cover it under a jacket or other thing that will make it look less valuable.

3. Take the Brochures Insertions
Check your windshield and rear window before getting into the car. If there is brochure, pamphlets or something inserted there, take it so it won’t block your view when driving. Don’t take it after opening the door, because criminals can use the momentum to break in and take your things inside the car.

4. Avoid Fruit Trap
You might have read the broadcast message about oranges that been planted with about four 5-6 cm (2”) nails. This might look small but it could make big impact to your vehicle. If you see any orange or other fruit on the road, avoid running over them because they could make your tire flat. When you get off the car to check them, it is the moment for the criminals to come on a motorbike to get your stuff.

5. Beware of the Egg Throwing on the Windshield
This is also one of the most shared news in the broadcast message. You might be wondering how those criminals can think of endless ways to target your values. Yup, if your windshield is suddenly thrown with egg, do not turn on your wiper to make it go away because it will only make it worse. The bubbles and foam created will only obstruct your view. Stop in a crowded place such as gas station or in front of police station to clean up your windshield.

6. Maximize Your Tools in Car
Prepare the spare tire, use headlamp at its maximum function, and keep your speed stable. These three things are important to anticipate any unexpected incident. If something happens to your car, stop at least at a crowded area to avoid criminal that usually takes place in quiet place. Always beware of any possibilities because criminals would try anything to make you off guard.

Victoria Tunggono
Victoria Tunggono