6 Topics You Should Never Talk at Work

6 Topics You Should Never Talk at Work


Some subjects make for bad workplace conversations. These 6 topics that you should avoid talking at work could make things quite unpleasant, between you and your coworkers.

1. Politics
Politics is a more volatile topic than any other. It causes tempers to flare and has ended relationships with your coworker.

While you may feel very strongly about your party or the candidate you support, or you may have an intensely unfavorable opinion of the opposition, do not try to win your coworkers over to your side.

2. Religion
While religion seems to be discussed everywhere, it is a topic about which you should tread very lightly in the workplace. Faith is a very personal thing about which people are often sensitive.

Do not discuss your own religious beliefs in depth and keep any negative opinions you might have about others beliefs or lack thereof to yourself. Your coworkers likely do not want to hear that you disagree with them about this or that you believe your religion is the right one for everyone.

3. Your Sex Life
Do not ever discuss details about your sex life. There is entirely no reason for anyone to know what goes on between you and your partner.

4. Problem with Your Family
When you discuss these issues with your coworkers, they may begin to wonder if your work will suffer.

When, as a supervisor or manager, you are candid about your problems, it may reveal weaknesses to your subordinates. In addition, highlighting your problems will feed the rumor mill, possibly making you become the subject of workplace gossip.

5. Career Aspirations
You may think of your current job as a stepping stone to better career. There is not anything wrong with that. However, keep it to yourself. Talking about your ambitions, for a good reason, will make your boss and coworkers question your loyalty to them. Some coworkers may even resent you.

6. Health Problems
You may or may not choose to talk about them at all, or you may be very open. Regardless of how much, or how little, you disclose, you should not share every last detail of your condition.

In deciding how much to share, keep in mind that knowing about your health issues, just like being aware of your problems with family, could make your colleagues question what impact they could have on your ability to do your job. It's not that they would be at all correct about it, but it will put doubt in their minds.