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6 Ways to Improve Your Brain Memory

6 Ways to Improve Your Brain Memory


Brain is one of the most important human organs. This organ is functioned to think and make brilliant ideas. But you must also know that your brain can get tired, too. To keep the brainwork from decreasing, there are 6 tips you can train to improve the brain’s memory. How is it? Keep reading this article.

1. Limit Yourself, Don’t Multitask
Having the ability of multitasking is extraordinary. But you must also know that if you are working on many things at one time it can reduce your mental productivity. This can make your brain tired and you can be stressed because of the overloaded jobs. So reconsider about doing multitask jobs. Know your limit and better be focused on one job to get maximum result.

2. Get Enough Rest
Make sure your sleep is enough. Human needs to sleep between 7-8 hours per day to rest the physical body and the brain, too. Lacking of sleep will trigger the decrease of brain performance. Sleep enough and wake up fresh to continue your activity.

3. Do Exercise
Sport is good for your body health. Work out for 30-45 minutes a day, 3-4 times a week. Just jog around the house complex, do aerobics, bicycling, or other exercise that you like. It will make your body fresh and fit, and increase the brain’s concentration and performance.

4. Build the Bottom-line Message
Make time for a refreshing, such as traveling, watching TV, reading, or simply hanging out in a mall. By doing this you will be inspired by what you see. This can stimulate your brain to think creatively. So, don’t be surprised if you become more creative than before after you have a recreation!

5. Focus On Important Tasks
Focus is needed when you work on priority tasks. So keep yourself away from smartphone and other things that can distract you when you are doing your job. This way your brain can work at maximum potential.

6. Stay Motivated
Have a motivation. Whatever it is. Building motivation can be started with making a purpose and goal to be reached in short term. Because having motivation can increase your passion and spirit to learn many things. So, keep motivated!