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6 Ways to Make Your E-Commerce Business Work

Spectr News Theme Nadia Latief
22, March 2016

Online business or also known with the name of e-commerce is a trending business nowadays. Even in Indonesia, there are more online businesses to come because it’s one of the promising businesses and can give lots of income for its owner. Here are 6 ways for you who already own online shop and want to develop it. Check this out!

1. Have an Original Idea
Yes! In developing an online business, you should have an original idea. It will be a plus if you have your own uniqueness. To start an e-commerce business, you can start from your hobby or your favorite things to do. For example, you like to ride a bike or go for a run. You can start on selling some biking and running equipment such as clothing, shoes, to additional equipment.

2. Make Analysis
The next step is to analyze the product you are selling. How? Find out the selling point in your product. Do some researches on what can you can sell, let’s say that your hobby is exercising, like running. You can offer some of stylish running clothing with affordable price. It will definitely draw customer’s attention.

3. Make Actions
Do what you have planned and programmed for your e-commerce business. Do your best and make sure that you are already sure with the choices you made. Apply the steps that you have carefully planned before.

4. Promote Through Advertising
Sure you can’t do online business without doing some promotions. What is the best way to promote an online business? Do some promotions through Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Google for the beginning. Or you can hire a digital marketing expert. They will help you on promoting your product through social media and advertising placement. Not only that, they will also engage traffic to your website.

5. References
To start an online business, you should have an office, a telephone number that can be contacted, website, and also e-mail. All of those are to support your business and gain people’s trust that you are serious in doing your business. Not a fake one. With these references, at least you can communicate with your customer easily and they will trust your business.

6. Repeat Order
Here is the most important point! Trust is an important asset in e-commerce business. Surely, to gain client’s trust is not easy. Because of that, repeat order has to be kept because it’s related to customer’s loyalty. With controlling your repeat order, customer won’t be let down by your business. Increasing your quality and service are indeed needed in all businesses, especially online business. Well, good luck in trying!

Nadia Latief
Nadia Latief