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7 Annual Events in Jakarta

7 Annual Events in Jakarta


Jakarta’s hustle and bustle is not just the traffic jam but also the big events which are interesting to be visited. The events are held annually to show the existence of certain sectors. What are them?

1. Jakarta Fair
Jakarta Fair is an annual event located at Jakarta International Expo, Kemayoran (JIEXPO). Every year, Jakarta Fair is held for a month from the mid of June to July. The visitors will be entertained by various musical shows, lifestyle exhibitions, shopping stalls, and Jakarta’s culinary stalls.

2. Jakarta Fashion Week
All the fashion lovers should come to Jakarta Fashion Week every year. You will see various designs from the local to international reputable designers on stage of Jakarta Fashion Week. This event is considered as an Indonesia’s open gate to catch global fashion market attention. The fashion professionals attend this event regularly, including the editors, buyers, photographers, stylists, and models that have big role in this industry.

3. Jakarta International Kite Festival
Every June, Jakarta also has Jakarta International Kite Festival held in downtown. The locals to foreign nationals are allowed to participate in the contest. Usually, the kites displayed for this festival should be made with advanced technology and high creativity. This event is held closely to Jakarta’s birthday, as Jakarta International Kite Festival is one of the celebrations.

4. Indonesian International Motor Show
As the annual biggest automotive exhibition in Indonesia, Indonesian International Motor Show is a big event that is a must for the automotive lovers. The various types of automotive products are displayed here, with many kinds of complementary shows. Every year, this event has different concept and variations.

5. Jakarta International Film Festival
Jakarta International Film Festival is the Jakarta’s annual event where all the world movies since the year of 1999 shown here. It has different themes and different movie series played for each year. In this event, the movie goers can meet the famous movie makers and the doers in movie industry. Usually, this event is held on the mid of October to December. Various interesting programs are also organized for few days or weeks, based on the schedule of each programs.

6. Jakarta Food & Fashion Festival
Jakarta Food & Fashion Festival is an organized event from the Government of DKI Jakarta and PT Summarecon Agung Tbk, carried out by the Ministry of Culture and Tourism of DKI Jakarta. Just like its name, the series of this event combine culinary and fashion variations in one carnival. The booths are mostly from the doers of Indonesian culinary and fashion industry. Many kinds of attractive show beside culinary and fashion is also provided, such as fireworks, theatrical attraction, etc.

7. Jakarta International Jazz Festival
In order to appreciate national and international Jazz music, Jakarta holds Jakarta International Jazz Festival or known as Jazz Festival each year. This event is usually held on March, inviting the local and international Jazz musician. Even though it brings out Jazz as the theme, but various performers outside Jazz genre are also on stage to combine Jazz with other music genres.