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7 Annual Events in Jakarta (Part 2)

7 Annual Events in Jakarta (Part 2)


Every year, the number of tourist in Jakarta is increasing. Besides many tourist attractions such as museum, culinary, and also cultural attractions, Jakarta also has numerous festivals held annually. At least there are 7 festivals that you can enjoy every year, check it out!

1. Monas Festival
This event is held every June and to promote the icon of Jakarta, which is Monas (National Monument). That is why, this event is held in the area of Silang Monas. Here you can enjoy Jakarta’s cultural festival and also the cultures from around Jakarta. In this event, visitors can also see kites flying up on the sky above Monas.

2. Jakarta Great Sale
To commemorate Jakarta’s birthday, the local government holds Jakarta Great Sale program. This event is about massive discount given by dozens of shopping center in Jakarta which started from June to July every year. Many shopping malls in Jakarta also held midnight sale. In this event, people in Jakarta are racing to get more items with more discount.

3. Jakarta Blues Festival
For you the blues music lovers, you cannot miss this one event. This event is joined by local and international blues musicians. Jakarta Blues Festival becomes the biggest blues music festival in Southeast Asia. So we can be proud because it is held in Jakarta, Indonesia.

4. Jak-Japan Matsuri
This event is a festival of Japanese culture and also signifies the good relation between Indonesia and Japan. This event is held for a week. Here you can enjoy music show, culture show, and Japanese culinary. There is also fireworks show to enliven the closing of this festival.

5. Jakarta Mods Mayday
For you have a hobby for this Italian motorbike, Vespa, you have to join this event. Jakarta Mods Mayday unites Vespa riders from all over Indonesia. When this event took place, you will see thousands of Vespa bikes on Jakarta’s street. The unique designed bike supported with the trendy style of the riders makes this event more fun. If you join this event, you can make more friends from other Vespa lovers.

6. JakCloth
This event is held in Senayan area and contains many local fashion brands that known as distro (distribution outlet). Dozens of local brand offers interesting promo to attract customer to shop in JakCloth. Not only distro that offers fashion products, there are also well-known musicians that enliven this event. Because of that, JakCloth is known as “the biggest youth festival in Indonesia”. For more info, you can read it on http://www.jakcloth-online.com.

7. Hellofest
If you visit this event, you will find many people wearing Japanese anime character costume. Yes, this event is held for Japanese anime lovers so no wonder many people come wearing their cosplay (costume play). This event is filled with action figure bazaar and also short movie and animation movie competition. Many creative people come to this event annually.