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7 Benefits of Banana Peels

Spectr News Theme Miranti Devina
19, January 2016

Do you like eating banana? If so, don’t you directly throw away the peels into trash. Because according to, banana peels apparently can bring benefits for your daily life. Check this out!

1. Whiten Your Teeth
You don’t have to visit your dentist regularly. Just rub the banana peels onto your teeth for 1 minute every day. Besides whitening your teeth naturally, you can also save the budget for going to the dentist. Hmmm... worth a try!

2. Polish for Shoes, Leather, and Silver
The slippery properties of banana peels which can cause someone to slip is evidently can be used to polish shoes, leather, and silver. Just rub it into the stuff and voila! Enjoy your shining shoes, leather, and silver!

3. Heal Acne
Stubborn acne will surely upset you, moreover if it comes in a wrong moment. Massage your face or other part of your body that has acne with banana peels. Do it for 5 minutes every day and see the result after a week. If it has not been healed, keep doing it regularly until your acne disappears.

4. Itch Reliever
The itchy sensation after bitten by bug can be healed instantly with banana peels. Massage banana peels onto the bites, wait until the pain or itchy sensation vanished.

5. Reduce Wrinkles
Banana peels will keep your skin hydrated so it can reduce face wrinkles. Apply the banana peels mask onto your face with mixing egg yolk and mashed banana peels. Leave it for 5 minutes, then wash it off and feel the difference!

6. Pain Reliever
Rub banana peels directly to painful area. Leave it for 30 minutes until the pain disappears. A mix of vegetable oil and banana peels can also make this feature stronger.

7. As the Food Ingredients
Eating banana peels? Seriously? Yes, apparently Indian cuisine uses banana peels as the ingredients! Banana peels can also be used as a meat tenderizer. Besides, eating banana peels can help your diet because it is rich in fiber that will give you satiety.

Miranti Devina
Miranti Devina