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7 Fast & Correctly Ways to Tackle Flue

7 Fast & Correctly Ways to Tackle Flue


Flu is a disease and appears as virus. It can effects and infects the respiration. In the middle of weather transition like now, flue can easily strike anyone. But no need to worry because we are going to help and share you some tips on how to handle flue. Check this out!

1. Drink More Mineral Water
By consume mineral water, your body will get a liquid substitute who has lost and also clean out the body from various poison, bacteria, and virus that can be disease causes.

2. Consume Warm Water
Consume warm water is very recommended, such as warm tea and others. This way can make your body feel warm and reduce discomfort in your throat when you have flue.

3. Eat Lots of Vegetables & Fruits
Yes! Eat more vegetables and fruits can make your body regain useful vitamins and minerals to increase the immune system. So, the body is easier to cure itself.

4. Take a Bath with Warm Water
When you have the flue, use warm water to bath for maintain the body to stay warm.

5. Gargling
Try gargling with warm water mixed with vinegar apple, ginger, saffron and salt. This solution believed to clean and kill bacteria in the mouth, before emptying into the throat.

6. Steam Therapy
Mixed hot water with eucalyptus oil or ginger in a basin. Then use a towel for covering the head, and put your face above the basin. Try to breathe for a few minutes. Warm air produced by the water can open and launched the nose that is clogged.

7. Take a Rest
This is the most effective way to treat the various types of disease. The body get back the immunity system and will be fit after you take a rest.

Hopefully the tips above can help you treating flue!